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Membership Investment Schedule

Effective as of 12/05/14

New member dues are pro-rated to the month you join to match our fiscal year (January 1st to December 31st). Quarterly payments are available; please contact the Chamber office.

One voting representative will be granted for the basic membership fee of $295.00. The By-Laws limit the number of voting representatives to five votes per firm: consequently, additional voting representatives will be granted by multiples of $295.00 with a limit of five voting representatives from any one firm.

Please include a one-time Application Fee of $25.00 for all membership categories

Profit Rate Base Fee $295.00 Plus (for each permanent full-time employee): 0-250 employees x $2.75; 251-1,250 employees x $1.85; 1,251+ employees x $1.25 Example: 6 f/t x 2.75 = $16.50, Total $311.50

Non-Profit Rate Base Fee $295.00 Plus (for each permanent full-time employee): 0-250 employees x $1.25; 251-1,250 employees x $1.00; 1,251+ employees x $.70

Associate Membership: $135.00 Associate memberships are available to partners, professional and employees whose firm is a member in good standing and would entitle the individual to limited privileges of membership including voting at the committee level. There is a limit of three (3) associate members per firm or organization serving on a committee.

Retired Business and Professionals: $135.00 A “retired” classification, at the associate member rate, shall be granted the same privileges as the associate member.

For more information, contact the Allegany County Chamber of Commerce
Telephone: 301-722-2820 Fax: 301-722-5995