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Question & Answer

What is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber operates as a partnership of businesses and organizations working together. It is a central agent in corralling the forces of the community for its improvement and development–in business, industry, and the professions. By bringing together the diverse resources of our county, the Chamber does what no single entity can do alone. Our Chamber was organized in 1914 to advance the interests of business in this community. Today, over 400 members partner to bring valuable business resources, advocacy for special projects and legislation, and community development issues to the forefront to enact positive change across the region.

Who are the members?

All who desire to improve the climate for business and the community at large are eligible for membership; by firm or by individual, in business, industry, the professions, or the non-profit arena. A membership in the Chamber is an investment in a better life in Allegany County.

How is it organized?

An elected Board of Directors, made up of community-wide leaders, sets the policy for the organization and oversees its standing committees of volunteers through an appointed chairperson. The Executive Director carries forth the directives of the Board and supervises the Executive Assistant and Administrative Assistant.

What are the objectives?

The Allegany County Chamber of Commerce works to improve your community in five significant ways.

  • Providing business resources to local companies
  • Increasing job and job training opportunities
  • Fostering growth within the community
  • Promoting Allegany County as a great place to live and work
  • Promoting private enterprise competition

How does the Chamber operate?

If the substance of the Chamber is its membership, then the lifeblood of the Chamber circulates through committee involvement. Our yearly standing committees tackle issues in a variety of arenas to better serve the needs of business in our community. Volunteers from within the ranks of membership join together to address the needs outlined by the Chamber’s Strategic Plan. There are currently six standing committees tackling a variety of issues and sustaining the Chamber as an organization: Economic Development, Education, Finance, Fund Raising, Legislative, and Membership.

What is the Chamber’s role?

The Chamber’s role is community development. Through aggressive support for existing and potential industry and trade, through sponsoring civic activities which aid in community growth, and by working with policy and permitting channels at the federal, state and local government levels, the Chamber aims toward a business-friendly, community-conscious society. Teamwork and partnerships allow the Chamber to convey extensive influence in the areas of healthcare, education, economic development, and tourism.

The Allegany County Chamber of Commerce is at work for our region!